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Strategic Planning

The Center for Nonprofits offers comprehensive strategic planning services to the regional nonprofit community and has done so for many years. A strategic plan is a roadmap that guides your organization in fulfilling its mission –  A good strategic planning process can be truly transformative for nonprofits.

Whether your organization wants to create its first strategic plan, build on earlier successes or take a new track in the future, the Center is able to help you create a roadmap to fulfilling your mission. A strategic planning process can take many forms and often depends on the size, style and “personality” of your organization. In a single planning session, your organization might choose to develop a set of short-term, strategic goals.  In a more comprehensive process, your organization might choose to develop a long-term plan for its entire operation. The Center has worked with a diverse group of nonprofit organizations and seeks to create a tailored process that is results-focused and comfortable for your unique needs.

For more information about strategic planning, please contact the Center for Nonprofits at or (423) 752-0300.